Tucson Chapter’s Inaugural Meeting

It is the organizer’s greatest excitement to announce that the first meeting of the Food Readers Book Club: Tucson will be held on June 1, 2019, from 6–7:30 pm at Rincon Market!

Items on the agenda for this meeting include: Meet the Organizer, About the Food Readers Organization, Chapter Goals, Q&A, and of course the unveiling of the book of the moment (BOM) for the month of June.

To RSVP, visit our Facebook page @ FoodReadersTucson or email us at FoodReadersTucson@gmail.com

Welcome In!

This is the first post crafted by the organizer for the Tucson Chapter of The Food Readers Book Club, inside you will find a brief overview, our mission, and what an average meeting will look like. 


The Food Readers Organization began as an idea hatched by Eric Fletcher in 2016 after spearheading the Albany Food Readers Book Club. Since its inception, the organization has been a member-driven movement encompassing food and all of its various facets through engaging with the written word. In April 0f 2019, Ryan Comella became the Tucson Chapter Organizer. Passionate about reading, food systems, food justice, and education facilitated by respectful discussion, Ryan felt right at home within The Food Readers Organization. 


The mission of the Tucson Chapter Food Readers Book Club is to engage with fellow community members who wish to learn about local and national food systems through the lens of various contextual readings. We aim to inspire a diverse membership base to bring about positive change in the way we eat, grow, cook, and communicate.

We believe that book clubs provide a powerful opportunity to promote food system education, and can help empower participants with a newfound awareness and appreciation for our food system.

Reading, group discussion, and community building are the ingredients needed to counterbalance the misconceptions in our food system. 

What to Expect at Meetings

We plan to meet once a month to discuss and critique the book of the moment. Discussions will be facilitated by the Chapter Organizer, but will ultimately be powered by members who are willing to share ideas, ask questions, and voice their knowledge about various topics related to readings for that session. 

When available, we hope to invite guest lecturers to speak about applicable topics that are related to food in a multitude of ways. These lecturers may have backgrounds ranging anywhere from archaeology to nutrition in order to provide a well-rounded and educational experience for those interested.